Important News About Your COVID Stimulus Rebate

April 7, 2020

Recently the government passed a relief package to help citizens and businesses during this time. As a result, many citizens will be receiving a stimulus check to relieve some of the financial pressures many are now facing. Unfortunately, this has given rise to hackers and scam artists who will try to steal that money from you.

These unscrupulous people will call, and even e-mail you, and state they are from the U.S. Treasury Department, or your bank. Don’t fall for this scam and become a victim by giving them any information! They will pressure you for your Social Security number, address, and banking account information. Should you receive a call or e-mail, do not give out any information and hang up the phone or delete the e-mail. The Treasury Department will already have your information and their only way of contacting you is via the U.S. Mail. Your bank will also have this information already on file.

Remember, don’t give out any personal information over the phone. Make sure all your household members know about this, especially teenagers and elderly parents, and help keep them from becoming a victim.