Do I need renter’s insurance?

March 24, 2021

When you rent an apartment or home, Crow Hill Insurance would like to remind you that you need insurance. Many landlords require the coverage as part of your rental contract. The coverage is very comprehensive and generally very inexpensive.
The essentials of the policy will protect:

  • Your personal property and belongings: furniture, clothing, electronics (including computers, video gaming equipment) and appliances up to the limit of personal property coverage you have selected. The coverage also extends to your belongings if you are away from home, while in your vehicle or while traveling or on vacation.
  • Your personal liability: provides protection if a guest is accidentally injured while in your home. Or you accidentally cause a fire in your kitchen or a flood in your bathroom – that unfortunately damages your unit and other units as well. Your policy will also cover you for legal costs associated with defending you in a lawsuit related to an injury or property damage.
  • Tenant improvements: additional coverage for any improvements you installed in the home or apartment at your expense.
  • Additional living expenses (or loss of use): if the home or apartment is uninhabitable following a covered loss. Your policy will cover your additional rental expenses during this time (with some limitations).
  • Optional coverages include: replacement cost protection for your personal property and valuable items coverage for sporting goods, jewelry, fine arts, musical instruments, etc.
  • Most policies require a deducible – generally in the range of $ 500 to $ 1,000 in the event of a loss.

Premiums and discounts will vary from one company to the next, but most include: smoke detector, fire alarm, burglar alarm, deadbolt locks, sprinkler systems and a fire extinguisher. Keep in mind that if the renter’s coverage is bundled with your auto insurance carrier, the multi policy discount would apply to both policies. This will reduce the premiums on both your auto and renters’ policies and provide better protection for you, your possessions and any personal liability you may be responsible for.
Be sure to call or email today for a no obligation quote! Let’s be sure you have the coverage you need!